Organic Chicken Drumsticks ~600g/4pc


These certified organic chicken drumsticks will give you beautiful crispy skin, juicy tender meat, and heaps of flavour. Dress them with your favourite seasoning or sauce and oven bake or grill on the barbeque. This type of chicken is known as White Rock, a reliable American breed that has been feeding families for many years. The chicken is sourced from Fenwood Farms in Ancaster, ON. Their birds are raised with clean well water without chlorine or fluorides, and receive fresh air to breathe and plenty of space to roam. They also use an exclusive feed blend of grains, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. Certified Organic by Pro-Cert. Our fully trained and certified butcher proudly selects and creates each cut fresh for your order, ensuring the finest quality. Store refrigerated. Ingredients: Organic Chicken The final price of individual products may vary based on weight.

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