Frank's Bavarian Cheese Smokies 1lb 5pcs


A favourite amongst our customers (and Frank), our Bavarian Cheese Smokies are juicy, cheesey, and full of flavour. These highly addictive, delicious sausages are in a league all on their own and will steal the spotlight at any gathering. You've been warned! Prepare by either barbecuing, pan frying, or serve these ready-to-eat hot dogs cold. Store refrigerated.

The beef is sourced from an exclusive partnership with Good Family Farms; a farm focused on improving community health, animal welfare, and supporting the environment. 

The pork is sourced from 3Gen Organics. Their Certified Organic pigs receive the highest level of animal welfare and chemical/GMO free diet in the industry. In addition, their pigs are raised without the use of antibiotics, given outdoor access, provided daily fresh straw bedding, a well-ventilated barn dwelling, and 2x more living space than normal.

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