Our Farm and Kitchen

Frank’s Organic Farm and Greenhouse

We own and operate our very own certified organic farm and greenhouse in the nearby countryside. Frank’s Organic Farm and Greenhouse represents a vital part of our mission: provide people with fresh foods that are free from chemicals. It’s one of the key elements that makes us different: we grow the organic foods that we serve in our restaurant and sell in our marketplace.

We practice regenerative farming, a conservation and rehabilitation approach to maintain biodiversity and earth’s natural order. All our produce is grown in soil which ensures the most delicious flavour and highest nutrient density.  

Frank’s Organic Kitchen

We have a provincially inspected central kitchen that makes all Frank's Organic signature items. If you are interested in selling our products at your store or purchasing our products in bulk for your school, retirement home, hospital, corporate kitchen or more please contact us

Please contact info@franksorganicgarden.com if you are interested in placing an order

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