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Butcher Boxes

Discover Our NEW Organic Butcher Boxes! Our certified Organic, 100% grass-fed and finished beef comes from Good Family Farms in Meaford, Ontario. NO GMOS OR PESTICIDES are used in animal feed. Our certified Organic pork comes from Field Gate Organics in Ingersoll, Ontario. Field Gate Organics is the only certified all Organic processor in Ontario! Each farmer we work with adheres to the same uncompromising high-quality standards that we do!
Extra Lean Ground Beef Box

10 x 1 lb pkg. Extra Lean Ground Beef



Lean Ground Beef Box

10 x 1 lb pkg. Lean Ground Beef


    Striploin Steak Box

    5 lbs. individually packed N.Y. Striploin Steaks


    Ribeye Steak Box

    5 lbs.individually packed Ribeye Steaks



    Boneless Chicken Breasts Box


    5 lbs. individually packed Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts


    Chateau Royale Box


    6 lbs. assorted Chateau Royale Steaks


    Beef Tenderloin Box


    5 lbs. individually packed Beef Tenderloin Steaks


    Organic Unseasoned Beef Burger Box


    24 burgers, 6.5 oz each


    Organic Beef Bones Box


    10 lbs. Mixed Beef Bones


    Assorted Pork Chops Box


    6 lbs. individually packed Assorted Pork Chops


    Medium Ground Beef Box

    10 x 1 lb pkg. Medium Ground Beef


      Stew Beef Box

      10 x 1 lb pkg. Stew Beef



      Premium Steak Box


      1.5 lbs each Striploin, Ribeye, Tenderloin, Top Sirloin Steaks


      Top Sirloin Steak Box


      5 lbs. individually packed Top Sirloin Steaks